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Трага: Дома I Циклус Студентски пракси Практикантска работа и можност за вработување во ДАТА СОЛУШОНС ДООЕЛ СКОПЈЕ

Практикантска работа и можност за вработување во ДАТА СОЛУШОНС ДООЕЛ СКОПЈЕ

Објавено на 06.09.2017 година

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We are seeking a results oriented a web development intern for a Fall internship in 2017 in support of our Skopje location. The ideal candidate is a highly motivated student or recently graduated student interested in pursuing a career in web development.

You're a great fit if:

  • You're interested in working with back-end and front-end developers to build custom websites and applications
  • You enjoy using PHP and WordPress

You'll love our Internship if: (This is the stuff you MUST have to be a fit)

  • You are currently enrolled in college as a Junior or Senior or have recently graduated
  • You have the following skill set for Back-end focused internship
    • Experience with PHP, LAMP
    • Knowledge of SQL (MySQL or similar)
    • You have experience with WordPress theme or plugin development
    • You have experience with a PHP framework.
    • You possess basic knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and JQuery
    • You have the following skillset for Front-end focused internship:
      • You have strong knowledge semantic HTML5 markup, CSS, web accessibility standards, and cross browser compatibility.
      • Basic knowledge of PHP.
      • You have experience with Javascript and/or jQuery
      • You have previously created mobile responsive layouts
      • You are familiar with WordPress themes

We'll REALLY love you if: (This is the bonus stuff that makes you stand out)

  • You have knowledge of Object Oriented Programming techniques and design patterns in any language
  • You have experience with REST APIs, mobile development (Android or iOS SDKs), AWS, Git or similar version control
  • You have performed Website administration or LAMP stack/server management

What your day will look like:

  • You'll perform web development of systems in Market Research.
  • You'll analyze systems and reports to assist web developers in fixing issues with computer applications.
  • You'll collaborate with other front-end and back-end developers for projects as needed.

Don’t be shy, just apply at http://davilio.com/jobs/ or at info@davilio.com with the name of the job position in the subject line !

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