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Трага: Дома I Циклус Студентски пракси Практикантска работа и можност за вработување во ДАТА СОЛУШОНС ДООЕЛ СКОПЈЕ

Практикантска работа и можност за вработување во ДАТА СОЛУШОНС ДООЕЛ СКОПЈЕ

Објавено 05.07.2017


Data Solutions is looking for a focused, enthusiastic and passionate Backend developer to integrate KPI dashboards into our solid PHP websites within our Laravel based framework, delivering projects with speed and accuracy, on time to agreed deadlines.

Working alongside Front End developers, designers and other Back End developers, you will be responsible for delivering comprehensive KPI dashboards.

Beyond all else we value forward thinking, the ability to learn new things quickly, meet deadlines, build solid and robust solutions with a genuine enthusiasm for the technology and task at hand.


  • To develop the backend of websites alongside frontend developers to pre-designed & planned specifications.
  • To logically deliver fast, proficient and secure websites.
  • To development and maintain the internal CMS and framework used for powering the content of client websites.
  • To integrate third-party API’s (Google, Facebook, EPOS Systems and Payment Gateways) where required.
  • Appreciate the demands of the projects with all its requirements to get the website delivered on time.

Key Requirements:

  • A wealth of experience as a backend developer with an excellent working knowledge of PHP.
  • The ability to identify a problem and implement the best solution. There’s no use knowing all the language but not being able to apply it.
  • A passion for the web and Backend development specifically, with an outlook of delivering the best user experience to all websites users.
  • Strong time management skill with the ability to work well under pressure. Storm is a very fast paced environment, so being able to deliver work on time is an absolute must.
  • Exposure to Laravel and experience working within the framework.
  • Strong testing with an eye for detail. Bugs will happen, however, all work should be delivered in a working state.

Technical Skills Required:

  • Excellent working knowledge of PHP, MySQL and Laravel
  • Basic understanding of front-end technologies and platforms, such as JavaScript / jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as GIT and command line
  • Understanding of LAMP stack and other server side requirement
  • PHPUnit testing


Apply now via http://davilio.com/jobs/ or info@davilio.com with the subject:  Web Developer Internship.



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Студентски парламент за УКИМ
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