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Пракса во ИНформ

Објавено на 26.2.2019

We are looking for 2 interns to join our office in Skopje, Macedonia!

INform is an American-owned and Macedonian-based company which offers a broad and diverse list of competencies in the IT industry. We design and develop embedded, mobile, desktop, enterprise, web, and social media turn-key solutions. We are business-agile and socially-responsible problem solvers.

Our goal is to help create technology that transforms lives. We do that by listening to our clients, collaborating on design, establishing constant and transparent communication, and never quitting until our clients are satisfied with the results.

Our services include expert hardware and software design and development, and QA services, coupled with highly skilled project management support. We cover all aspects of product design–be that software, hardware or firmware, with the capability to deliver a module, subsystem or a full product ready for production.

Position Requirements:

✓ Internet Savvy person

✓ Good English skills

✓ Social Media knowledge

✓ Content research skills

✓ Data and Analytics skills

✓ Data compiling skills, able to gather information from the internet

✓ An understanding of Content Marketing services and how it works

✓ Eager to learn new things about Digital Marketing

What we offer:

✓ Career Development to your own aspirations

✓ Work in a friendly, multicultural, and fast-growing company

✓ Work on international projects

✓ Free courses and training programs

✓ Flexible working time

✓ Compensation

* If you’re interested, please send your CV to office@inform.mk



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Студентски правобранител
Студентски парламент за УКИМ
Ул. „М. Теодосие Гологанов“ бр. 28/13, 1000 Скопје

02 / 3223 024

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